Ryeberg Curators

  • Matt Cahill
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioMatt Cahill RSS
    Matt Cahill is a writer, photographer, and psychotherapist. He is the author of the novels "The Society of Experience" and "Radioland." He lives in Toronto. For more Matt Cahill, click here.Go to curator page
  • Mary Ellen Carroll
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioMary Ellen Carroll RSS
    Mary Ellen Carroll is a conceptual artist whose works occupies the disciplines of architecture, design, film, writing, performance and technology. She has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, two Pollock/Krasner Awards, a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and a MacDowell Colony Fellowship. In 2018, she was awarded the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international programme for Visual and Applied Artists–IASPIS. Her work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the ICA, London; Museum fur Volkerkunde, Munich; the ICA, Philadelphia; MOMUK, Vienna; and the Renaissance Society, Chicago. "MEC," a monograph of Mary Ellen's work, is published by Steidl/Mack. She lives and works in Houston, Texas and New York City. For more MEC, go here.Go to curator page
  • Kyl Chhatwal
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioKyl Chhatwal RSS
    Kyl Chhatwal is a short story writer, a sometimes actor, and a sometimes editorialist with the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. A production of his first play, "I'll Be Here," appeared in Toronto in 2009.Go to curator page
  • Sammy Chien
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioSammy Chien RSS
    Sammy Chien is an interdisciplinary media artist who merges cinema, sound, new media and dance. He is a co-founder/artistic director of the Chimerik collective. His wide-ranging and often collaborative artistic projects, which include films, video installations, art exhibitions, and dance performances, have been featured at the Centre Pompidou Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei, and the National Centre for the Performing Arts Beijing. Sammy has also mentored or collaborated with community groups (low-income residents, gender and ethic minorities, youths) on projects that integrate art, science and technology. Sammy is also known for his DJing at art shows, underground parties, and concerts. Learn more about Sammy here.Go to curator page
  • Kevin Chong
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioKevin Chong RSS
    Kevin Chong is the author of the novels "Baroque-a-Nova," "Beauty Plus Pity" and "The Plague" (a retelling of Albert Camus' 1947 novel). He has also written a memoir entitled, "My Year of the Racehorse," and two hybrid biographies: "Neil Young Nation" and "Northern Dancer: The Legendary Horse that Inspired a Nation." He was born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, where he currently lives. Find him lying in the bed that he made here.Go to curator page
  • Joe Cobden
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioJoe Cobden RSS
    Joe Cobden is an award-winning actor/performer from Montrealifax. He was the first anglophone to receive Quebec's "Les Masques" award for 'Revelation of the Year.' He spent more than two years working on "The Eco Show" (with theatre creator, Daniel Brooks, of Necessary Angel) and "Untitled Faction Project" (with Ame Henderson of Public Recordings). Film credits include "Blindness" (dir. Fernando Mereilles), "I'm Not There" (dir. Todd Haynes), and "Le Piege Americain" (dir. Charles Biname) and he has the lead role in the feature film "Peepers," from Automatic Vaudeville. He is also known for his recurring role on the TV series, "Living in Your Car." Joe's film directing credits include music videos for Miriam Makeba ("Help") and Fats Waller ("Sigh"), which has played at over 20 film festivals worldwide and won the People's Choice award at the Cabbagetown Film Festival. More Joe Cobden here.Go to curator page
  • Lynn Crosbie
    CloseRyeberg Curator BioLynn Crosbie RSS
    Lynn Crosbie is the author of a book length poem entitled “Liar” and is the coolest poet in Canada. She has published the novels "Life Is About Losing Everything," "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?," and "Chicken." Lynn is an English Literature Ph.D. She has lectured on and written about visual art at the AGO, the Power Plant, and OCAD University. She is an award-winning journalist whose Globe and Mail column, "Pop Rocks," outed her as an ardent admirer and fan of Michael Jackson.Go to curator page