Ryeberg Playlist: At Home

1) Where My Music’s Playing

Simon & Garfunkel, “Homeward Bound” (Monterey, 1967)

2) Where My Mind Is Peaceful

John McGreevy, “Glenn Gould‘s Toronto: Part 1/6 (1979) – thx A.L. Harris

3) Grassward Bound

Tom O’Bedlam reading “A Removal From Terry Street” by Douglas Dunn (1969)

4) Who Wishes He Would’ve Stayed Home

Dirty Projectors, “I Pity The Poor Immigrant” by Dylan (Roosevelt Island, 2006)

5) When His Gladness Comes To Pass

IFC, “House Sitter” (Portlandia, 2011)

6) Like A Living Being

juberli2000, “Demolishing A House” (2007)

7) Keeping And Erasing The Archive Of This Injustice

AP/WPXI, “Man’s House Demolished By Mistake” (Pittsburgh, 2011)

8) A Beggar In His Own Home

Jonathan Schlaepfer, “Odysseus Returns” (2007)

9) One Home Guards Against The Other

K Dick & A Ziering, “Derrida Visits Nelson Mandela’s Jail Cell” (“Derrida,” 2002)

10) But Now I Must Be With My Mother

Raptor Resource Project, “Eaglet Scrambles Back On His Own” (April, 2011)

– Ryeberg

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