Welcome To Ryeberg

By Ryeberg | Jun 14, 2009

14 June, 2009. Launch day for Ryeberg. Welcome! We hope you’ll enjoy spending time here and visit often. Ryeberg Curated Video is an online magazine based in Toronto, Canada. Ryeberg publishes a very modern form: Essays that incorporate YouTube videos. Put simply, it’s writers, artists, and professional critics writing about the YouTube videos that inspire them.

Ryeberg is a free and independent forum, with no corporate backing and no particular political bias. Whatever political personality the website may seem to possess is accidental. The creator and editor of Ryeberg is Erik Rutherford, a writer and radio guy and sometimes contributor to Ryeberg who is big on respecting diversity of opinion and experience. To read more about Ryeberg, have a look at our About page.

What should I do while I’m at Ryeberg.com?

1) Click on View complete curator list and see if there’s a writer or artist whose tastes interest you. Then click on that person’s name to see what YouTube videos they’ve chosen to write about.

2) Take your time! The embedded video clips are an essential component of each essay. Read and watch, and then when you’re done, leave a comment. Your comment will go straight into the inbox of that Ryeberg curator.

3) If you like what you read, please share on Facebook and Twitter. Ryeberg has no money for advertising, it’s all word of mouth! Tell your friends. Thanks.

4) Sign up for occasional email updates here and leave us your email. Then every once and a while an email will arrive in your inbox with the latest news from Ryeberg.

Thanks for coming round. Enjoy the website!