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By Ryeberg | Aug 16, 2009

SeeAllCuratedVideos“Best of” lists are always a contrivance, all the more so on a site like Ryeberg, with its treasure store of dazzling and distinctive essays. But granting that lists do have some value and interest, we bring you the Summer 2009, Ryeberg Top 25.

Compiling the list was tricky. We had to employ some rather ersatz mathematics to take into account various objective and subjective criteria. Web analytics helped us with the objective: number of unique visitors (in first week), discussion generated, linkbacks, average length of time spent, etc. These results were slightly nuanced by the momentary sentiments and judgments of a dozen Ryeberg intimates and editors. In other words, the product of a highly scientific process, this list!

A Top 25 may seem a little premature given that Ryeberg is only two months old, but here you have it, starting with number twenty-five:

Wire or Cloth?
25: Wire or Cloth?

Jon Davies on Harlow’s tortured monkeys.

Sexual Reconnaissance
24: Sexual Reconnaissance, Drinking Out of Cups

Jowita Bydlowska connecting through video clips.

23: Not Ghost but Trance

Catherine Bush on the limits of text.

22: Civility Makes Mistakes

Mary Ellen Carroll sees a media echo chamber in the tennis court.

The First One Not to Die
21: The First One Not to Die

Micah Toub unconvinced of his final end.

20: Watching the Birds

Chris Gehman admires the cleverness of birds.

19: Fatlip’s Crack Up

Pasha Malla is, whoa, what’s up Fatlip?

18: What is this Place?

Sean Dixon wants his country back.

17: Knuckles and Narrative

Alana Wilcox prefers context with her violence.

Crazy Smart Typography
16: Crazy Smart Typography

Darren Wershler on the roots of today’s popular typography.

15: No Secrets to Conceal

Peter Trachtenberg on video memorials.

14: Heavy Metal Case Study # 3 – Nitro

Ernest Hilbert questions the showmanship of shredders.

Lolita On Film
13: Lolita on Film

Sheila Heti finds the novel’s most perfect adaptation.

12: Dick Cavett is the Toilet Paper of the Entertainment Industry

Sholem Krishtalka sympathizes with a TV show host.

Guy Debord
11: Guy Debord’s “Critique of Separation”

Mike Hoolboom on the separatedness of Guy Debord.

Destroy Your Safe and Happy Life
10: Destroy Your Safe and Happy Life

Damian Rogers advises the rock n’ roll cure.

On Nostalgia
9: On Nostalgia, Ironic or Otherwise

Russell Smith discovers the anthems of his youth on YouTube.

Quintessential Song of the 00s
8: The Quintessential Song of the 00s

Bert Archer’s final installment in his quintessential song series.

It's About Time It's About Space
7: It’s About Time, It’s About Space – Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Peter Lynch revisits the obsessions of the sixties.

Persisting in Delusion
6: Persisting in Delusion

Elyse Friedman awestruck by the bold and the talentless.

Je Suis Morrissey
5: Je suis Morrissey

Jon Paul Fiorentino on Fran’s Morrissey covers.

Lady Gaga in Hell
4: Lady Gaga in Hell

Mary Gaitskill deciphers Lady Gaga’s poker face.

Bombs, Bombshells, and Bollywood
3: Bombs, Bombshells, and Bollywood

Mitu Sengupta on why a promotional video for missiles is misguided.

Michael Jackson and the Cruelty of the Ideal
2: Michael Jackson and the Cruelty of the Ideal

Mary Gaitskill imagines the world of Michael Jackson.

1: Crazy Michael Jackson Fan

Lynn Crosbie writes a beautiful eulogy to the King of Pop.

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