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Tribute To A Great American

As soon as Sarah Palin quit her post as Governor of Alaska, it is arguable that she was from that point on completely irrelevant. Some less appreciative than I of the grotesque poetry inspired by Sarah Palin may say that she was irrelevant as soon as she and John McCain lost the election in 2008. But when you consider the riot of jokes, the outpouring of creativity, the enjoyment that only she could have made possible, I hope you will agree that she deserves her own granule of immortality or at least appreciation, in a tiny virtual niche in some tormented Internet hall of mirrors like that provided here. Whether you agree or not, she has it — this granule, this niche, this torment — and I want to celebrate it with you.

Felipe Avello, “La Pequeña Sarah Palin” (2008)

Even if you don’t think its funny, or even if you do think it’s funny but don’t think she deserves any credit for it, consider her true accomplishment: she did as much as anyone, maybe even including Barack Obama, who did a lot, to single-handedly make sure that John McCain did not become President of the United States. She did as much as anyone, maybe more than anyone, to discredit the Republican party for a long, long time. I knew she could do it from the moment I set eyes on her. And for it, I will always love her.

Lisa Nova, “McCain-Palin Rap” (2008)

And for these videos, I will always love this country. Even if it looks like this next one was made in Japan. 

TA World Police, “America, Fuck Yeah!” (Team America, 2004)

– Mary Gaitskill

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Mary Gaitskill is the author of the novels: "Veronica," "Two Girls, Fat and Thin," "The Mare," and "This is Pleasure." She has also written books of stories: "Bad Behavior," "Because They Wanted To," and "Don't Cry," and books of essays: "Somebody with a Little Hammer" and "The Devil's Treasure." More Mary Gaitskill here.